Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in Mentoring Adult Children of Alcoholics who are seeking to move beyond their painful pasts. She is also a bestselling author, radio show host, and speaker.


“I assist people conquer their limiting, unconscious beliefs about Self;the ones they were programmed to believe when they were little and impressionable. I help adult children from all sorts of dysfunctional homes and otherwise ‘normal homes’ to create new belief systems that serve to facilitate their personal growth. Through a co-creative coaching/mentoring relationship unconscious beliefs are made conscious and new beliefs about the divine Self are created.


As children born to dysfunctional caretakers, we may have been brainwashed to believe we are not worthy, that our emotions don't matter, and that who we are is not valuable. Unless we learn to face these dysfunctional thinking patterns and then appropriately adopt new healthier ways of seeing Self--we unconsciously recreate our pasts by attracting people and circumstances that mimic our childhoods.


I have seen amazing transformations. My books help readers get back in touch with the emotions they were taught to deny. They are powerful tools that help readers 'remember' who they really are; Divine souls worthy of all that is good. I help them assimilate new concepts about Self, and in time they remember that they are more than what others have falsely brainwashed them to believe about Self, so much more.

I help adult children Master The Self--so that they can finally put the demons to rest and live the lives they were born to live!"




Each tele-class is created and produced by Breakthrough Life Coach, Lisa A. Romano. Each class is created to provide the student with the insights he/she needs to experience the breakthrough they have been looking for. Healing from codependency requires a specific set of skills. Codependents have not been taught the coping skills required to live happy life experiences. Being taught to believe that what you think, feel, want, need and desire is unimportant, primes an individual for future codependent dynamics. The lessons you will learn in Lisa A. Romano's tele-classes will help you heal the negative brainwashing from your past, and help you create the new templates you need so that you can move forward and create the abundance you deserve. If you are interested in participating in one of Lisa's upcoming tele-classes, make sure you sign up for her monthly newsletter. All information about upcoming classes will be included in the newsletter.

Speaking Engagements
Breakthrough Coaching is a goal and strategy based program that is client specific based on debunking childhood programming. "As an experienced coach I have had the honor of working with world class athletes, politicians, skilled physicians, and psychotherapists as well as single mothers, and alike. Because Breakthrough Coaching is client specific, it matters not what duty a client performs in society, but matters only that the client have a desire to experience a breakthrough in his/her life."

If you are interested in having Lisa A. Romano as a guest speaker at one of your events, please leave us your contact information. Some of her lecture topics include, Learning To Love The Self, Healing From Codependency, Childhood Brainwashing and Codependency, Mothering Self, The Abandoned Self, and Narcissistic Abuse-The Key To Spiritual Awakenings.

One on One Coaching
If you are interested in making Lisa A. Romano your personal Breakthrough Life Coach, please leave us your contact information. Coaching packages are sold by the month. Each session lasts 55-60 minutes in length. Coaching is designed to help you understand what childhood brainwashing, (programs/templates) are holding you back. As programming is revealed, breakthrough are made. During each session, you will be given specific work to do on your own until the next coaching session. The relationship between you and your coach is a co-creative experience. You will be expected to have an agenda for each coaching session, so that Lisa A. Romano can best serve your needs. It is suggested that you bring a pen and a notebook to each session.The aim is to help you-the client uncover the belief systems (templates) that are preventing you from living through the reality of your true divine self. Please note, it is best to be in a comfortable place for these coaching sessions, because very often Lisa A. Romano chooses to take her clients through impromptu deep meditations if she feels that is what is needed at the time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Group Coaching
Group coaching is a wonderful alternative to coaching with Lisa A. Romano on a one to one basis. If you are unable to get on her calendar, or if you are unable to coach with her one to one for any reason, group coaching may be for you. Each group coaching class contains a minimum of five clients. The group coaching class mirrors a small classroom. Each person is provided the opportunity to ask their own questions. As Lisa addresses each person, the group benefits as a whole. The advantage of a group coaching class is that many issues get addressed at one time. If you would like Lisa to coach a group of your own; a family, or group of friends, all you have to do is drop us an email. If you are interested in joining the next group coaching class (this takes place on a bridge line), please send us an email.