We Relaunch January 12th, 2017 

Namaste Dear Ones!!!!!!!

In just a few short weeks I will be opening up the doors to my next group coaching class.  When you purchase The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program you become one of my Premium Gold Members.  As a Premium Gold Member, you gain lifetime access to my 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program.

Members who have taken the program have experienced incredible shifts in their thinking and as a result have also had major shifts take place in their lives.  'As it is below, so shall it be above.'

The members who took this program seriously had the greatest results.  Obviously the more energy you put into something the more you get out of whatever it is you are seeding energy into.  This program is no different.

On the day you become a Premium Gold Member you will be granted access to my secure website.  Once inside you will create a user password.  Your user password allows you to immediatly begin your first lesson.  Each lesson includes a private video with a specific teaching you need to learn.  In addiiton to the video lesson you will receive an accompanying meditation and beautifully designed PDF which includes lesson highlights and homework plan.

I personally read and observe the questions and comments being posted.  Although I cannot possibly answer every question that gets posted, I do answer many directly on the site.  As an added bonus, I will be answering random questions from each weeks lesson every Saturday morning live, via a Livestream video feed that will be available directly from my secure website.  Only Premium Gold Members will have access to this feed.

I will only be offering the opportunity to gain access to this program for 14 days.  After 14 days I close the shopping cart to any new members. 

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This webinar will be one hour long and detail many features of the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program.

The link below will bring you to my Youtube channel where you can watch Michael's testimonial about The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program.


 This is a written testimonial from Lucia, a member who has just finished The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program.

"I am adult child writing this. I am in tears over the profound nature of the changes in myself over this last year working with you. I need to describe my background some, because the program requires a deep exploration of that in order for it to be truly effective. Just to say it works, and I see and love myself now is not enough. The roots need to be exposed, present and in the forefront.

The family of origin I grew up in was extremely dysfunctional. Abuse on so many levels was present daily. My immigrant parents were deeply wounded themselves and were very young when they married and brought the first 3 children into the world. My mother was a young girl of 18, and had no idea of how to properly raise healthy children. My father was abusive who beat my mother, a gambler, an alcoholic, a womanizer, and worked all the time. He himself, had a terribly mean father who beat him. I am certain he suffered brain damage from the abuse, because he had Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as he aged. Both my parents were unconscious and lived in complete survival. I came along after 8 years, and became the one to "heal" the family. This program still plagues me.

I grew up "alone in my room" with my art. There was no one there to see me and soothe me. I don't believe I bonded with my mother. I forgive her. She was not supposed to have me, so said the doctor. I had to rely solely on my self for survival, but I had no idea that I was so disconnected from myself! I forgive my father, as well.

At 21 years old, I began my search for "why"...why do I feel the way I do? Well, after 67 years of never finding my own truth, this magnificent Universe gave me YOU, with all of your irreverence, your silly sense of humor, your infinite wisdom, and your unrelenting desire to affect other people who suffer from their FOA programming because you healed your own heart. I owe you a great debt...to keep doing this work and affect others with love, light and compassion.

I considered myself, pretty smart about human nature, and I do believe I have wisdom. But all of this lived in my head because I was walled off from my own essence. The truths I thought I knew, were indeed true, but I had no idea how to manifest them in my own life. I made other's lives very difficult with my self righteous judgments about how to live! But I was broken deep inside.
I needed constant validation from the world, and when I didn't get it I was crushed. I am sorry, world! I got this now!!!

Your healing program has changed me and my life in ways I never thought possible. I have a ritual ever morning that keeps me in touch with who I am now and what I want for my future. I feel a deeper sense of inner peace, with no more obsession of the mind. I have tools that keep me grounded in the present. i am not searching for validation outside myself any longer, at least most of the time. Old habits die hard, so the daily and deliberate discipline of the program was and is very necessary in changing the way I think. I am now in control of my emotions rather than them being in control of me. It is a glorious and liberating feeling!"

Thank you Lucia :)

See you all soon!