Are you Codependent or a Victim of Narcissistic Abuse?


Codependents and Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Do Not Believe They Are Good Enough

As a Certified Life Coach, mentor, and bestselling author, I can help you heal the unconscious, faulty childhood programming that is keeping you stuck.

If you worry more about what others think about you than what you think about you...If you struggle with loving your self...If you tend to put others needs before your own needs...If you feel invisible...If you worry you are not good enough...If you do not know how to feel or process your feelings, please know none of this is your fault.

It's Not You--It's Your Programming

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The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

Emotionally neglected children grow up and abandon themselves. This is NOT our fault. The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching℠ Program is the personal template I used to help me heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse.



Open to past private clients and anyone who has already taken part in The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching℠ Program. This is an online Law of Attraction Coaching Program that has been custom designed for wounded adult children. Knowing how to control your vibrations will help you manifest abundance, love and peace. It is time to STOP focusing on what we do NOT want and to START focusing on what we DO want. 


Breakthrough Warrior Membership

We all know wounded people, but not all wounded people are alike. This MEMBERSHIP site is for someone who knows that NOTHING changes in their life unless THEY change. It may not be our fault we do not have the skills to love ourselves or to set boundaries, BUT, only WE can change the programs and beliefs that prevent us from being our AUTHENTIC SELF. If you want TOOLS, and if you know YOU have to change, this site is for you!


Free Worksheets

My life’s work is dedicated to helping anyone suffering from childhood trauma overcome the limiting beliefs that are blocking their road to recovery. These worksheets can help you begin identifying roadblocks in your thinking. You cannot fix a hole in the wall you cannot see Dear One. These worksheets can help you move along on your road to emotional and spiritual freedom. 

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Adults, who have been forced to live  in states of survival as children, may not realize they are moving through life from a wounded place, recreating the exact patterns in their lives they once feared in their childhoods.   

This is not their fault but to heal, the adult must learn to become aware of what is really going on both on the conscious as well as unconscious level.
Healing is as much a neurological journey as it is an emotional journey. My method of teaching and coaching integrates all facets of what it means to be a human in the process of healing from childhood experiences. My approach includes the anatomy, physiology, spirituality, as well as the psychology of healing. This revolutionary 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching℠ Program will allow you to slowly become integrated, mind, body, and soul.

Learn about how your body, as well as your mind, responded to childhood experiences you were powerless to control. Learn how to honor the default settings of your brain. Learn how to override fear responses and what you can do to finally learn how to feel your own feelings.


I help you identify and overcome limitations from childhood trauma and recover from codependency. Below are some of the different ways that we can work together.

Group Coaching

Group calls are offered throughout the year and take place on a conference line.  Join our newsletter to find out how you can join the next live call. 

One to One

Personal coaching sessions delve into YOUR unique experiences as we discover the patterns that are holding you back, and what strategy steps you can take as you learn to finally live your truth. 


Speaking Engagments

I inspire my audiences with my story, insight and guidance. My message identifies ways in which you can learn to BREAKTHROUGH patterns of dysfunctional beliefs.


These are online group classes that are centered around a main lesson or a variety of main lessons. These classes are limited. Join our newsletter to stay informed about our next tele-class.



I write books I wish were available as I was learning to understand how being codependent created the subconscious templates that were responsible for what I was experiencing in my adult life experiences. Learning about codependency, narcissistic abuse, childhood emotional neglect, and adult children of alcoholic related issues helped me understand that what was wrong was not me--it was just my programming.

I suggest you read my books in the following order, The Road Back To Me, My Road Beyond the Codependent Divorce, Codependent Now What? It's Not You-It's Your Programming, Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now, and Loving The Self Affirmations 1 & 2.

The Road Back to Me

Within all of us is an inner child who has been taught about their value through the experiences of childhood. If you have been raised by people who caused you to feel invisible and unworthy, this book can help you reconnect with your own inner child. 


Beyond the Codependent Divorce

This sequel to The Road Back to Me, details the journey Lisa took from the world of unconsciousness to the world of truth. Healing from a codependent marriage is not for the faint of heart, but Lisa did it and so can you. 


Quantum Tools to Help You Heal Your Life Now

We are all vibrational beings and when we learn to honor the laws that govern this time and space, we can heal our lives in incredible and magnificent ways. This book draws parallels between dysfunctional homes, healing, and the law of attraction.


Codependent Now What?

You're codependent, now what do you do? This book is full of strategy steps, insights, and tools you can put into IMMEDIATE ACTION to help you heal the subconscious programs that are keeping you stuck.  Be prepared to be amazed!


Loving the Self Affirmations Book One

It's not you-it's your programming and that is why in order to heal, you MUST address the faulty BELIEFS that are rolling around in that magnificent head of yours. Once you know what beliefs are corrupt, you can heal them with these life-changing affirmations. 


Loving the Self Affirmations Book Two

It is almost impossible to love your self when you have never felt loved. This book helps you heal the childhood programming that is responsible for negative self-talk that is keeping you from living the life you always deserved.



The Three Deadly R's


Boundary Workshop


Healing Codependency


Feelings Are The Key


What If You Knew Meditation


Narcissistic Abuse Meditation


Abundance Meditation



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Healing from our childhood wounds is actually an opportunity to ascend. 

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"I have suffered from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem since childhood and was clueless as to what could be wrong with me .I was in and out of therapy for many years and nothing seemed to really work for me. Eventually I became fed up with everything. Last June I came across Lisa’s Youtube channel and after watching many of her videos it became clear to me that there was nothing wrong with me except the way I was raised as a child. I have suffered from narcissistic abuse and as a result developed codependency. Right away I KNEW that I had to take..."

Faiza Nawaz

"Lisa’s 12 Week Breakthrough program was amazing! Prior to signing up, I’d recently ended a relationship in which I was surprised to discover I’d fallen victim to the painful dynamics it held. Coming across Lisa’s program information on breaking free from codependency, I knew right away it was for me. Participating in her program brought about a new level of growth that I hadn’t been able to access up to that point. I gained so much understanding into how I could even find myself in such a relationship, let alone stay in it for a while. Her course showed me how..."

Alyse A. Rynor, LCSW
Soul Choice Counseling Evanston, IL

"Lisa and this program will give you the blueprint to ‘re-parent’ yourself and get what you never had as a child if you come from a dysfunctional/codependent home. I am no longer interested in pain or anything that brings it. Relationships will fall away, there will be great loneliness at times, but right now I am at a point where I’d rather be alone than in pain. I am actually enjoying getting to know me, what I like, what I want and starting to shape my life how I want it to be. I am not waiting for anyone else’s validation anymore! It is beautiful! Another great takeaway from this program is learning to simply be with myself. Honoring this self, cherishing this self, and being so proud that I’m doing something to better my life. Each day I try to nurture myself more and more. It is just so freeing to be aware and learn about my programming while understanding I can change it! You don’t have to be stuck anymore! For the first time in my life I am truly there for me. I am not leaving the care of my “self” up to anyone but ME and for the first time ever I know I am in good hands; my own. I have found myself because of you Lisa (and the 12 Week Breakthrough) and I am eternally grateful. If I had to make the choice to do this course over I wouldn’t question it for a second. The work is not fast or easy, but it is the greatest work I could ever be doing for myself. Thank you. Love, J.S. a recovering abused adult child, who refuses to abuse or abandon herself anymore. "

J.S. Recovering Abused Adult Child

"Testimonial Gill Hughes Lisa A Romano's 12 week breakthrough Program was recommended to me by someone that I met last year in a seminar. She told me it had helped her more than anything else she had tried, which struck a cord with me because she's a very smart and savvy lady. She also said that she'd got enormous support from the Closed Facebook Group, which she has for life. So, with some cynicism, I decided to take the plunge and sign up....... I'd had years of different therapies (group and one-to-one). I'd read many books, done various workshops - you name it I'd tried it, and whilst I had made some progress, I'd always felt stuck in the same pain. I had resigned myself to a belief that I was broken and so badly damaged that I couldn't possibly live a life like most people........ Until now! I'm 9 weeks into the Program and I KNOW that I will get there because it all makes so much sense. Lisa is captivating, funny and VERY smart. I believe we all fall a little bit in love with her. :-) And, like my friend said, the Facebook support group is amazing - hand and glove! "

G. Hughes

"Testimonial Lidwine I was never sexually abused growing up...Nope. My parents didn't neglect me physically in fact they were excellent providers. But they ignored me emotionally and neglected me big time emotionally...I've never felt enough so I've worked with a mindset coach for a year and I've taken a mindset program which cost me thousands of dollars(over $10,000 and up). Lisa's coaching program is the only program that has brought so much peace and understanding in my broken heart and chaotic mind! I go out now and smile, loving the sun, not afraid to rock the boat. Actually, I love holding on to myself and not fear anymore that people won't validate me. Lisa has given me my dignity back! Thank you Lisa A. Romano! I will be using my light and this knowledge for the greater good! Namaste Eveyone! "


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