Loving the Self--Our Journey Home

Are you ready to learn how to love your self?

Are you ready to uncover the secrets to being able to finally live an authentic life?

Begin this four part video series, complete with self-hypnosis meditations, and downloadable PDF's today.

Created entirely by Lisa A. Romano the Breakthrough Life Coach

Four Video lessons

Four Self-hypnosis Meditations

Four Downloadable PDF's -Online

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" Loving the self is as much about unlearning as it is about relearning.  My programs help clients reprogram their subconscious minds so they can finally 'feel' love for the divine self and ultimately attract love from the outside into their life as a result. Remember, we attract what we are."


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It is time to awaken.

Do you struggle with feeling invisible?

If you are ready to awaken to your true self, this video program has the insights, tools, and meditations you can use to help you become more fully integrated, mind, body, soul, and energy body.

Identifying the Blocks

We cannot solve problems we cannot identify.

This program allows you to uncover the blocks, paradigms, and limiting beliefs you hold that are preventing you from living through your authentic self. 

The Authentic Self

All of us possess an authentic self, but not all of us know how to access this divinity.

Listen to these videos to gain insights, wisdom and understandings that will allow you to more fully connect to the Divine Self. 

Love of the Divine Self 

We spend our whole lives seeking love outside of us while Divine Love was within us all along. 

The journey back to the self is as much subconscious as it is conscious, that is why my programs include brainwave meditations.

These meditations help reinforce the healing and healthy beliefs we should have been taught by the time we were 12 months old.

To heal, we must go within.  My meditations, act as a conduit between the conscious and subconscious mind.

The Divine Self has been with you all along, but your faulty programming and lack of life skills, including personal boundaries may have been preventing you from connecting to your authentic self. 

Finding the Love Within

It's not our fault.

If we never felt loved as children, on a subconscious level we may believe we are unworthy.

All humans SEE what they believe. If you do not BELIEVE you are worthy and that belief is subconscious, sadly, even though you are worthy, you will NOT attract the love you deserve.  
That's simply not fair.

Overtime, this video and meditation program can help you heal those subconscious beliefs and allow you to 'feel' love for the self.

Download the meditations, pdfs and begin your journey back to the self right now!


You Are Worthy!

Begin your journey back to the self. Discover who you really are. Uncover your gifts, innate talents, hidden dreams, desires and learn how to honor your authentic self.


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