Social Media Bullying

Often, we are so fixated on what people think about us, that we forget to check in with what we think about us. Below the veil of consciousness, we are busy doing all we can to ensure we don't rock the boat, make too much noise, appear too needy, or dare ask to not be abused.

When we forget to take care of us, it can be easy to slip down a rabbit hole or two when we read on social media that an old flame has just said something untrue and painful about us, or when we discover that a friend we loved has just stabbed us in the back. Years ago we got bullied at home or in the schoolyard, but these days, bullying can happen anywhere at any time and even all the time.

When you are bullied at work, in school, on Facebook or some other social media outlet, it can be totally overwhelming. Our codependent fear hits an all-time high because instead of worrying about what one person thinks about us we are now worried about hundreds or possibly thousands.

Words create or they destroy and in...

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