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Childhood trauma wires our brains for survival

Children feel and become one with their emotions and until we understand HOW to observe an emotion, many of us stay as small children, stuck within our reactive minds, and unable to TAME our instinctive and often primal energies.
It is wonderful to feel, but it is not enough!
If a narcissist feels, they react to their emotions and look to retaliate, blame, accuse, shame, and guilt their target. Someone who is highly narcissistic lacks self-awareness, as well as the desire to PAUSE and MANAGE the ego.
While it is normal to experience an emotion and then to have a somatic response to an emotion, it is not enough to NOT think about the way you feel, or how emotion has impacted and triggered primal egoic reactions within you.
Childhood trauma wires our brains for survival. If you are a victim of emotional neglect and abuse, you may have developed a heightened stress response system, and that is not your fault.
As adults, the aim is to learn to sit, observe, process, think, allow, validate, and make peace with our emotions so our egos are not left to REACT to them.
Toxic others who refuse to change force those who don't like getting pulled into the mud to CHANGE.
Fly high Dear Ones -- You are more powerful than you know.
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